Sunday, July 6, 2014

New Baby, No Time to Spare

It's amazing how much a new baby changes your life!  Sweet baby Anders made his debut a little over seven weeks ago, and since then my life has felt like a blur.  I've barely had a change to log onto Facebook, much less add posts to my design blog.  Even with a ton of help from both sets of grandparents, we are struggling to keep things running in the Mayden house.  What little energy I have to spare is going into work-related projects and running the business.  (Construction doesn't stop when you have a baby!)  So, sadly, the blogging has had to get put aside for a while, at least until we find our rhythm again.  For now, I'm posting some favorite family photos, showing what my life has been like these last couple months.

Mother's Day, pre-baby.  Jasper and Karsten were so excited to give me their cards that they didn't even take the time to get dressed first.

Anders Johann Mayden.  Born May 15th, 2014, weighing 8lbs 2oz and sporting a lovely head of dark hair.

Anders first bath at home.

One thing's for sure: this baby gets lots of attention from his brothers! Here Karsten checks in at feeding time.

Sweet little baby feet!  I take a picture like this with each of my boys, so I can remember their adorable their little toes.

Here is Anders today, hanging out with Daddy and Jasper.  What sweet boys I have! 

Anders is starting to smile now. This is the part I love!  Here Daddy makes him grin.

So there you have it--the last two months for me.  These happy moments seen here, plus more than a few sleepless nights, tons of kid-generated chaos, and all the stress of work.  Ahh, it's a wonderful life and I wouldn't trade it for anything.  I feel so blessed right now.