Tuesday, December 31, 2013

2013 Design Trends

December has positively flown by and it's hard to believe that we'll be ringing in the New Year in a matter of hours.  For my last post of 2013, I thought I'd do a quick review of some of my favorite design trends of the year.  This list is by no means exhaustive, (there are too many to note) but I I tried to pick a handful that interest me and I think we will see carrying through into 2014.

1) Oversize Cone Pendants
I see these used in pairs over islands in kitchens, or singly over tables in dining areas.  I love the simple yet bold shape, the large scale, and the reflective paper on the inside.
love the brass interior of the Pendant lights and the trim on the hood.  Look at that wall siding

2) The 70's Make a Comeback
We thought we'd never see it, but here it is, a glamorous take on the 70's: shag carpeting, low-slung seating, wall paneling, bohemian floor pillows and poufs, and funky, ethnic-inspired side tables and accent pieces.  Who knew the 70's could be so chic?

3) Brass Fixtures and Accents
While we've all been busy replacing old, out-dated fixtures, brass has quietly been making a comeback. Used in small doses and in the form of high-quality pieces (no $25 ceiling fixtures please), brass can be very elegant in the home.  

4) Honeycomb Light Fixtures
I love unique lighting, and this style in particular makes my heart skip a beat.  The geometric shape and pattern excite my eye and make this fixture a standout in any room, be it classic or contemporary.
Cameo Homes: Blue gray walls paint color, Suzanne Kasler Large Morris Pendant in Clear Glass, creamy ...
Honeycomb Glass Pendant Shade

5) Jewel Tones 
Emerald Green has been officially declared the "It" color for 2013.  I would go a bit farther to say that jewel tones in general are popping up everywhere.  Whenever I go to the design center to browse for fabrics, the tones I see over and over are Emerald Green, Peacock (or Teal) Blue, Raspberry, and Deep Indigo.
emerald, emerald decor, emerald interior, emerald homewares

6) Campaign Chests
These versatile pieces are popping up everywhere and it's easy to see why!  Designers and savvy homeowners are buying them in vintage form, painting or lacquering in bold colors, and using wherever storage is needed--a buffet in the dining room, nightstands in the bedroom, filing in the office, or a media console in the family room.  They are particularly great when pushed together as a pair, as seen here.

campaign chests (Lonny)

Judith Balis Interiors: Gold and white, Petal Pusher wallpaper, Oh Joy Studio, purple, teenage girls room, glamorous, lucite lamp, fur, upholstered headboard, campaign chest

black and white #campaign chest #blackandwhite

7) Wallpaper
Wallpaper has been so overused in the past, and in sickeningly-sweet floral patterns and colors, that clients often cringe at the mere mention of it.  However, wallpaper is back and has been for some time.  While grasscloth is always an understated designer favorite, I also like bold patterns in simple, neutral tones, as seen below.  I recommend using it in small spaces where you can get big impact without having to over-commit.  Maybe inside a pantry, a powder room, a master bedroom closet, or the back wall of a china hutch.   I also think it looks best when there is a lot of white to break it up (cabinetry, wainscotting, etc) and keep it from overwhelming the room.
Feature walls are back in!

8) Reclaimed Wood
If you haven't noticed this trend, you might be living under a rock.  Reclaimed wood is everywhere.  Again, I like it in smaller doses and against lots of white, whether that be in the form of cabinetry, painted walls, or crisply tailored furnishings.
reclaimed wood wall | Reclaimed Wood Wall | Decor

9) Live-Edge Wood Pieces
Design trend number nine piggy-backs on trend number eight.  Live-edge wood pieces are very popular right now in the form of tables, fireplace mantels, display ledges and benches.  Use one as an accent piece, especially in contemporary settings, but don't overdo it.  If you use it everywhere, your room starts to look like Uncle Wally's creepy cabin.
reclaimed wood table

10) Neutrals!
White walls and soft neutrals are the new design standard.  Gone are the days of dark interiors, accent walls galore, and heavy palettes.  Today, everyone wants to freshen up and get a clean, carefree look.  Neutrals can go a long way when paired with interesting shapes, textures and eclectic pieces from a variety of style periods.  I'd love to dissect this room and point out all the interesting things going on here, but I think I'll save that for another blog post.
Whites, Neutrals, tape detail on ottoman

What other trends have you noticed?  Are they favorites or ones that you'd rather see disappear along with 2013?  Let's keep the conversation going.  It would be fun to discuss ideas and expound more on some of these (and other trends) in the coming months.

For now, Happy New Year!  I hope you feel inspired, blessed, and ready to tackle another year.